Higgins Cocina – Cooks Who Care

The heart of the Spanish American Center and the many meal-based programs that we provide to the community is our David L. Higgins, Jr. Cocina. Here, our dedicated food preparation crew starts work for the day long before the rest of us are out of bed in the morning! They love what they cook, but more importantly, they love who they cook for.

Cocina staff and volunteers are:

Director of food services: José Latimer.

Carmen Rosado, Anna Delia (JuJu) Torres, Jeanne Klimowicz,Anna Iris Rodriguez, Rosa Solis.

Drivers: Ramon (Monchy) Feliciano, Eugenio Burgos, Don Labelle Joshua Baldwin and José Latimer.

A video of our dedicated KITCHEN STAFF at work:

(Many thanks to Georgie Rodriguez Locutor and Christina Gonzales  for these photos.)

You can see the proof by the smiles at lunch!

Drive by the Cocina on most mornings and you will catch the inviting aroma of the meal of the day – and the sound of culinary tools clanging mixed with lively conversation, stories, song and a prayer- the wish that good food will sustain the children, elders and lonely clients who are welcome to partake!

These photos were taken by  Georgie Rodriguez Locutor, Staff Christina Gonzales! Thank you!