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Riverside at 55!

(SAC Catered the event and participated in the honors!)


Luncheon To Honor Hispanic Heritage Month

October 7, 2014  At The First Church Unitarian Universalist,  Leominster, Massachusetts

IMG_0446 Hispanic Heritage Luncheon Celebratinh Hispanic Diversity and Unity

Mickey Guzman and Rev. Susan Suchocki-Brown

     Opening by Rev. Susan Suchocki-Brown,  Interpreted by  Mickey Guzman of SAC

Leominster UU Church

First Church Leominster Unitarian Universal Photo from UU Web Site

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HHM Luncheon t Leominster Unitarian Universalist Church

HHM Luncheon t Leominster Unitarian Universalist Church

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Thanks to the Spanish-American Center’s Elders Group, we had representation from the following: Puerto Rico, The Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Honduras, Mexico, Ecuador, Columbia, Peru, USA – 2nd Generation! In the past we have had folks hailing from Cuba, Panama, Venezuela and Spain!

(Photo credit: SAC Board Member Jean-Pierre Boissy)


Summer, 2014 Block Party at The Leominster Spanish American Center

August 9, 2014

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