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Welcome To The 2018 Spanish American Center’s

Block Party Sponsorship Page   


June, 2018

Dear friends,

Here at the Spanish American Center we are gearing up for our annual BLOCK PARTY which has become one of North Central Massachusetts’ most engaging family events. ALL children, regardless of income or circumstances, are provided a free breakfast and lunch (as they are all summer at our nutrition programs) and adult activities include music, food, dancing, raffles, and an opportunity to celebrate with our Hispanic community. Our entire staff and members of our dedicated Board of Directors will also be attending. Everyone is welcome to participate – rain or shine. (We will be breaking in our amazing new tent – so even in rain we will shine!)

We are inviting community sponsors to advertise in our program for this event and are asking if you would consider sponsoring an ad highlighting your agency or company. All proceeds from our program booklet ads will be used to support our programs at the Center and are benefitting your local community. There are two sized ads available: Small (quarter page ) for $25,  and Large (half page) for $50. 

Major Sponsorship is also available at $1,000 and includes a full page color acknowledgement!

All regular ads are in black and white and will also be posted on our Social Media platforms for the month of August, so this is an opportunity to show your support to the Center and our programs, and to share your company’s commitment to civic engagement!

Thank you for considering this request. To place an ad, simply contact us at info@spanishamericancenter.org and attach your organization’s logo or ad, business card, etc. to your e-mail.

You can submit your payment by tearing off the invoice below and mailing your check payable to The Spanish American Center, Inc., or by submitting your payment via our PayPal Donate button on our web site: http://www.spanishamericancenter.org/sponsor-a-program-ad/

Thank you for your time and for your support!  We hope you can join the fun on August 4, 2018!

 SAC Event Committee

I would like to purchase a Small____   $25  /  Large____  $50 ad  or,

Special Corporate Sponsorship for______ $1,000, for the Spanish American Center’s Block Party Event Program for August 4th,  2018.  (Deadline for ads is July 23, 2018). I will submit my payment either via enclosed check payable to SAC, 112 Spruce St., Leominster, MA 01453, or via electronic donation on SAC’s WEB site:


My company is ___________________________                        Phone:______________________

Contact person:____________________________________

¡Muchas Gracias! Many Thanks!

Need more information? – Call Mickey Guzman 978-534-3145

¡Muchas Gracias! Many Thanks!

Need more information? – Call Mickey Guzman 978-534-3145