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Centro Hispano-Americano – Sirviendo Nuestra Comunidad

 Welcome to the Leominster Spanish-American Center’s web page. The Center is a non-profit social service agency in Leominster, Massachusetts, a city of diverse ethnic and linguistic traditions. The Leominster Spanish-American Center is a registered, tax exempt 503 © agency. We receive funding through private donors, grants, some government programs such as CDBG (Community Development Block Grants) and The United Way.

SAC Sign 112 Spruce Street

     Our vision is that every person would live in a safe, healthy, peaceful, and prosperous community in order to enjoy the full benefits of our society.

    Our mission is to respond to the social, health, educational and cultural needs of the Leominster community and surrounding areas with special focus on the Hispanic /Latino community, limited by language, poverty and access. We foster economic self-sufficiency, equal opportunity, and active participation in community related activities for better quality of life.

The Spanish-American Center is committed to providing assistance to Spanish-speaking residents to overcome language barriers, promoting the development of our young people, fostering community involvement and leadership; increasing relationships with partners, and connecting clients to available community services, which represent and advocate for the community.

In keeping with Latino traditions and being mindful of the historical principles of American democracy, the Spanish American Center adheres to the values of inclusion, and acceptance and embracing one another in collaboration and celebration of hope for a more prosperous future.

 Our programs: include (ESL) English as a Second Language classes, our Leominster community food pantry, summer meal programs for children in Leominster, Fitchburg and Gardner, elder programs, legal clinics, domestic violence intervention, after school programs for middle and high school students, advocacy, and occasional mobile consulates for our Uruguayan-American community. In addition, the Center has begun, this past year, intervention with families in transition who are temporarily housed in local motels by providing hot meals two nights per week, which are prepared at the Center and delivered and served on-site at the motels. Our newest services for the community include mediation training for interested volunteers, and the provision of mediation services for our clients and a soup kitchen for the needy and homeless.


Latest Spanish-American Center News:

From the Sentinel & Enterprise, Neddy Latimer, executive director of the Spanish-American Center, was recently quoted in an article about the homeless families at the Day’s Inn in Leominster, and their planned relocation:

‘The Spanish American Center also became involved, transporting meals to families at the hotel twice a week, but has seen its numbers go down in recent months.

“In January, we were doing 250 to 260 meals because of all the children, but now we’re down to just 50 meals,” said Neddy Latimer, the Spanish American Center’s executive director.”   – logo-extra-large